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Designed, Tooled, and Molded 100% in the United States of America

Made in The U.S.A !!


The Best EVER !!



“For many years, I have tried to attract at least one hummingbird using the feeders one would find in the big box home centers. I even went to dedicated birding stores. The feeders all “looked pretty”. I tried glass bottled reservoirs that were upside down filling a tray. Ones that looked like cornucopias, pretty flower shapes, etc.


Then came the Li’l Sweety Hummingbird Feeder. Designed by David Dault, his “Hum Sweet Hum” fit the bill for me. In fact, I now have four of the five different colors of feeders in use. The multiple ports arranged from the top in a honeycomb pattern allowed for the hummers to “decide” which port they’ll feed from. I now wasn’t limited to three or four little flowers with holes I didn’t think even the narrow beak would get through to the mixture. In the past, I struggled for the patience to see ONE hummer. I now have at least two at a time (this past Summer 2018) “fighting” over which feeder will be used.


And cleaning? The feeders are SO easy to clean. I choose to hand wash them, even though they’re dishwasher safe.


If you want to see results attracting these sometimes “elusive” creatures, get a Li’l Sweety Feeder!”

                                                                      Hank H.

                                                              New Providence, PA

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