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Features of the Hum Sweet Hum Hummingbird feeder.



·  Designed, Tooled, and Molded 100% in The USA

·  Includes ant-moat

·  54 feeding ports (like real-life flowers)

·  Nearly 400 different facets (sparkles beautifully like a diamond in the sunlight to attract hummingbirds)

·  Unique filling system (simply pour sugar and water in to correct levels) no outside measuring

·  Or Easy outside filling (simply lift lid and pour nectar in) if you prefer to fill with pitcher of nectar

·  Holds 20 ounces of nectar – larger capacity feeds more hummingbirds while you fill less often. General dimensions (Red lid is 11 inches by 11 inches). Nectar bowl is (7.5 inches x 7.5 inches)

·  Heavy duty construction to last a lifetime (for durability and toughness) – Lifetime Guarantee

·  Large hanger hook diameter for easy hanging anywhere

·  Raised feeding ports help prevent Rain from running into bowl.

·  Dishwasher safe

·  Design of ports helps prevent  Ants, Wasps or Bees ; Hexagonal raised diamond geometry of ports denies insects of nectar

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